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Dear Respected Customer,

It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to our website, specifically designed to serve our customer’s needs. In this website, we highlight our activities in the field of Non-Destructive Testing, Mechanical Testing and Cathodic Protection, which we serve in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.

We provided the service of Non Destructive Testing, Mechanical Testing & Cathodic Protection through major projects in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait which includes area of application in pipe lines, petroleum refineries, Gas Plants & Fertilizer companies, both off shore and on shore.

We have the latest, state of the art, advance equipments to operate all kinds of conventional NDT like RT, UT, MT, PT, VT and for specialized NDT like ET, MFL, IRIS0, UT-TOFD, UT-Phased Array & TIR. We have sophisticated In house mechanical testing laboratories to perform Impact, Tensile, Vickers, Rockwell Hardness testing and also for Replica evaluation.

All our technicians are well trained and are certified for Level II through our Level III certified evaluators, according to our company certification procedure written as per ANST CP-189 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A latest editions.

It is our desire to work with you on projects where you feel our services can be best utilized.

We trust you will give us the opportunity to extend our services to you.

With kind regards,
Yours truly,

The Board








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