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Introduction & basic principle:

  1. Heat treatment can be defined as an operation or combination of operations, involving heating and cooling of metal or alloy, in solid state, to obtain desired properties. The reson for heat treatment are to obtain higher strength & hardness, toughness, to homogenise the meterial, remove segregation, refine the grainsize, remove cold work effects, soften the meterial, improve machinability, relieve internal stresses, improve wear & corrosion resistance

  2. Heat treatment on welding

  3. Preheating process:

  4. Heating of the base metal, at the area to be welded, before commencement of welding


  1. To avoid haz / weld metal cold cracking (by prevetning the formation susceptible micro structure and allowing the diffusion of hydrogen away from the joint)

  2. To minimize residual stress

  3. To provide sufficient ductility in the weld metal and haz


Heat treatment of the welded joint, normally to sub-critical       temperatures, after completion of welding operations


  1. To relieve internal / residual stress

  2. To remove hydrogen

  3. To improve the metallurgical properties of weld joint by tempering of haz

  4. To obtain dimensional stability





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