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Insitu Metallography is a non destructive testing tool and it is used for remaining life of components by prepare & evaluating the replication of microstructure. Application areas include fertilizer, petrochemical, aerospace,  chemical plants, foundries, forge shops, steel plants,  automobile, oil & gas, off shore structures and chemical processing industries.

The In-Situ metallography is performed on the following areas:

Damage Assessment of fire affected equipment of the plants.

Microstructure survey for critical components such as Boilers, Pipelines, Reactors
and Vessels for condition monitoring/health assessment.

To develop a data bank of critical components of equipment of process plant by periodical monitoring for preventive maintenance and planning

To provide suggestions on their welding used components of process plants.

To check the quality of the microstructure of component for intended service before put in to use.

To find out in-service degradation of critical components of the process plants operating under high temperature/high pressure/corrosive atmosphere.






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